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"Now-ness". The Zen State Of Mind


 "Now-ness". The Zen State Of Mind

"Now-ness" refers to the state of being fully present and attentive. This means focusing only on the current moment, without any thoughts about the past or future. It involves giving your complete attention to the task or activity at hand. For example, when you are eating, simply focus on eating. When you are reading, concentrate solely on reading.

"Now-ness". The Zen State Of Mind

If you find yourself thinking about your bills or what's on TV later, you are not in a state of "now-ness". Similarly, if you are reading and not fully engaged in the act of reading, you are not living in the present. No matter what you are doing, if your mind is preoccupied with something else, you are not being attentive and are not experiencing "now-ness".

Your current state of calmness can be easily disrupted by concerns about future events if you lack focus and mindfulness. For instance

remember the time when you were in high school and had a crucial test approaching?

It was a Friday and the test was scheduled for Monday. Despite going to a party and having a great time for hours, something unexpected occurred.

What was it?

Suddenly, thoughts about the upcoming test flooded your mind and spoiled your night. Despite your efforts to push those thoughts away, your current sense of contentment was shattered by worries about a future event.

Please acknowledge that when I inquire about your emotions, I am specifically referring to your current state rather than your feelings in the past or future. Essentially, I am asking how you feel at this exact moment. If your response is "at the present moment I feel fine," it implies that you are indeed fine because only the present time is tangible. Tomorrow will always be unreachable and yesterday is permanently gone. Therefore, the only existence you possess is in the present moment, as it is the sole reality.

"Now-ness". The Zen State Of Mind


The concept of being in the present moment, referred to as the state of 'now-ness,' entails complete concentration and mindfulness. It entails being fully engaged and absorbed in whatever activity one is currently undertaking, without any distractions or thoughts about the past or future. For instance, when eating, one should solely focus on the act of eating. Similarly, when reading, the sole focus should be on reading. If one's mind wanders to thinking about bills or TV shows while eating or reading, then they are not in a state of 'now-ness'."

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