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"Knowing" Prosperity


 "Knowing" Prosperity

One of the more difficult parts of learning how to achieve prosperity is having the belief that you are prosperous, even if it doesn't seem that way yet.

If your external situation consistently appears to lack what you desire, it can be frustrating because it seems like your efforts to attract it are ineffective. However, this frustration itself is what will continue to trap you in a cycle of scarcity.

"Knowing" Prosperity

To escape the false perception of scarcity, you must exert your willpower to reduce the amount of energy you previously devoted to it.

How exactly do you channel energy into creating a sense of scarcity?

By consistently ruminating and concentrating on it.

- By consistently acknowledging its presence in your life.

- By complaining about it to others.

When you connect with the scarcity that exists in the world surrounding you.

If you focus on the idea of scarcity and put effort into it, you will bring more scarcity into your life.

The positive news is that you have the ability to apply the same method to bring abundance and wealth into your life, but with a focus on the opposite side of things.

Continuously contemplate and center your thoughts on abundance and prosperity, but without any feelings of lack, fear, or worry. Instead, approach it with happiness, assurance, and a positive outlook, fully believing that it is already within your grasp.

Continuously assert that you possess an innate ability to attract prosperity effortlessly and that a substantial amount of abundance regularly enters your life.

"Knowing" Prosperity

- Spread the joyous experiences you encounter among others.

Instead of grumbling about the negative aspects, communicate the positive aspects and motivate the individuals around you to follow suit.

- Take notice of the immense wealth that is constantly present around you.

This encompasses not only the material possessions, individuals, and blessings in your life, but also the instances of abundance you come across in the outside world. Instead of feeling jealous of affluent and accomplished individuals, envision that the universe is showing you that YOU too have the capacity to achieve that same level of wealth and success.

The key is to believe and trust that you have the power to decide and attract success and abundance, just as effortlessly as you have chosen hardship and scarcity.

It may be hard to imagine that you have deliberately chosen a life of scarcity and difficulty (as no rational person would), but it is entirely possible to unintentionally make that choice. Unless you actively decide to pursue prosperity, it is similar to sitting in the passenger seat of a car and expecting it to take you where you want to go. In reality, you have to take control and be the one to drive!

"Knowing" Prosperity

Attempt to repeat this statement multiple times throughout the day:

I am aware of my ability to create significant things on my own, and I am actively deciding to embrace an harmonious and prosperous life filled with abundance at this very moment.

At the beginning, when you begin to say it, you may have the sensation that you are not being truthful. This is because deep within, you truly have no genuine knowledge of such a thing. However, persist in your efforts. Continue to repeat the affirmation with determination, confidence, and conviction in your tone, and eventually, you will truly come to believe it.

And at that moment, all the external aspects of your life will start to change, moving towards the wealth and abundance that you believe you are entitled to.


A difficult part of understanding how to attract wealth is having the belief that you are prosperous, even if you don't feel that way yet.

If the things happening around you constantly make it seem like you don't have enough, it's understandable to feel discouraged because you believe your efforts to attract what you want are unsuccessful. Surprisingly, this frustration is what will continue to trap you in a cycle of not having enough.

To escape the mindset of scarcity, one must harness the power...

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