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3 Magic Bedtime Questions


 3 Magic Bedtime Questions

Once individuals reach their prime working years, life often seems to rush by rapidly. Each day becomes a repetitive cycle of waking up, going to work, returning home, and sleeping. It's hardly surprising that one may find themselves pondering how time flew by so quickly and questioning where it all went.

3 Magic Bedtime Questions
 3 Magic Bedtime Questions

The issue lies in everyday tasks. The human brain tends to delete repetitive information as it is deemed unimportant and not worthy of attention by the memory.

How can we effectively decelerate our perception of time and ensure that our lives do not pass by rapidly?

To find the solution, it is important to cultivate mindfulness, which involves being more conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. However, if you are not able to do that yet, you can begin by engaging in the practice of asking yourself the 3 Magic Bedtime Questions.

Before falling asleep, while lying in bed, contemplate and respond to the following three inquiries:

3 Magic Bedtime Questions
 3 Magic Bedtime Questions

What is a thing for which I am grateful today?

2. What do I look forward to tomorrow?

What would be my desired dream for tonight?

Why do I refer to these simple questions as magical?

Let me explain the reasoning behind it. The initial question prompts you to reflect on your day and identify something that you are grateful for. This exercise not only helps you find something to appreciate, but also allows you to recall the entirety of your day. In the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we refer to this process as recapping experience. Think of it as placing your daily experiences in a container, sealing it with a lid, and labeling it as "The day I encountered Jenny". By having numerous containers like these within your mind, you are able to organize and categorize your memories into significant events, rather than having them all lumped together under a broad category like "My Working Years - from ages 20 to 50".

The next question asks you to predict what will occur tomorrow by envisioning the future.

Having something to anticipate creates a sense of excitement and determination. As soon as you wake up, you will feel motivated, with thoughts of it being the foremost in your mind.

The third question helps uncover our deepest yearnings as it is in our nature to imagine and aspire for what we truly desire. It provides clarity regarding our direction and overall purpose.

By consistently practicing the 3 Magic Bedtime Questions each night, you will experience the sensation of time moving at a slower pace.

This will result in an enhanced recollection of your life experiences and a sharper mental focus to prioritize what truly matters to you, all in an effort to make the most of your time before it diminishes.

I suggest checking out the book 'Mindfulness In Plain English' written by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. He explains the process of cultivating mindfulness using Vipassana Meditation in a straightforward manner. It is an insightful and skillfully written publication.


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