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Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone


Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone

According to tradition, kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland is believed to bestow upon you the power of eloquence and the knack for engaging conversation. Given the Irish people's well-known talent for talking, we have no reason to doubt this customary belief.

Many of us desire to have good conversational skills, but not everyone can achieve this by visiting Blarney Castle.

Below are some suggestions that can assist individuals in enhancing their ability to effectively communicate.

Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone
 Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone

1. Speak about what you know

Our words in conversation reveal our level of knowledge. Many are familiar with the advice to think before speaking, as we have all regretted not following it at some point. Engaging in discussions about topics we are knowledgeable about is always a wiser choice.

If you lack knowledge about a certain topic, it is advisable to listen and educate yourself. In case you are asked for your viewpoint, start by acknowledging your limited understanding by stating "I have little knowledge about this subject..." before providing an honest opinion. Remember that everyone has their own limitations, and people will appreciate your sincerity.

2. Actively Listen

Effective communication requires the essential skill of actively listening. It involves focusing on both the content of what others are saying and the way they express themselves. Pay attention not only to the words themselves, but also to the fluctuations in their tone of voice. Observe how their mood influences the changes in tone and pitch, and how these variations can alter the meaning conveyed.

Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone
 Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone

3. Watch their Body Language

Observing how others communicate is another crucial aspect of effective conversation. Merely focusing on their spoken words is insufficient; paying attention to their body language and gestures is equally important. By solely relying on listening to their words, you will fail to grasp the majority of their intended message.

4. Acknowledge your Errors

Admitting one's mistakes is a frequently disregarded aspect of conversational skills. It is important to acknowledge and own up to any errors we make, as everyone is prone to making mistakes. If you are unsure about a certain word, double-check if you pronounced it correctly or inquire if you used it appropriately in a given situation. People generally appreciate genuine mistakes, but if you constantly use complex words solely to impress others, they will quickly lose interest.

Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone
 Nine Tips on How to Kiss the Blarney Stone

5. Make Eye Contact with your Audience

Using eye contact is an important skill in communication, whether you are listening or speaking. It is crucial to maintain a connection with your audience, regardless of whether you are addressing one person or a large group. You can improve your eye contact by practicing in front of a mirror and paying attention to any discomfort you feel, as it is likely that others will also be affected by the same thing.

6. Smile and Inject a Little Humor

If executed properly, it has the power to ease tension and bring back those who have lost focus. It will engage the majority of the group or audience, making them feel more at ease.

If you are not a comedian, it is advisable not to make jokes. Instead, it is more effective to share funny stories from your own experiences, but it is important not to excessively laugh at your own stories. Let others enjoy them without feeling embarrassed by your actions.

7. Me, Myself, and I

Let's face it, there are moments when you sing to yourself while showering or bathing and you imagine yourself as the next great singer like Frank Sinatra or Eva Cassidy. However, it's best to keep those fantasies and personal beliefs confined to the bathroom. When engaging in conversations, it is important not to constantly boast about oneself and inflate one's ego.

An often disregarded communication technique is actively engaging others by soliciting their opinions and giving them the opportunity to express themselves. It is essential to treat their viewpoints with respect and give them the same level of consideration that you would expect for your own opinions.

8. Get Involved in Social Groups.

Regardless of whether it may be enrolling in a nighttime drama class, taking a course to enhance your public speaking abilities, learning salsa dancing, or joining a group or organization related to your interests or profession, it is essential to actively engage with a diverse range of individuals. By doing so, you will effortlessly acquire the necessary conversational skills.

9. Practice, practice, practice

Before going out, prepare several anecdotes and stories ahead of time. If possible, record yourself telling these stories using a tape recorder and listen to them later. Additionally, plan out the questions you would like to ask others and think about how you would answer them. By doing so, you'll be better equipped to respond calmly and confidently when asked these questions.

A lot of people find it challenging to feel self-assured when surrounded by others. Only a few individuals possess exceptional conversational abilities, while the majority struggle to manage. Like any other skill, being able to converse confidently relies on having the right knowledge and gaining experience.


Are you easily embarrassed when you have to interact with someone you don't know? Do you often find yourself just listening instead of actively participating in conversations?

Below are nine straightforward suggestions to aid you in confidently engaging in any discussion.

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