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Eliminate any idiotic actions in your business.


 Eliminate any idiotic actions in your business.

The world we inhabit is constantly altering, with changes happening all the time. There is widespread competition from various global sources, leading to the struggling of many American enterprises.

Eliminate any idiotic actions in your business.
 Eliminate any idiotic actions in your business.

Several choices are being implemented that are going against sound business

practices and establishing trust and commitment with customers.

The marketing strategies of most companies involve trying to determine how to entice existing or potential customers to increase their spending with them.

My proposition is to focus on what actions to halt instead of coming up with new ones. Basically, refrain from engaging in activities that are deemed unwise or foolish.

Avoiding silly mistakes involves identifying the factors that deter customers from making purchases and ensuring that you never repeat those actions or responses.

The following is an illustration of what I refer to as "senseless actions." Certain airlines are presently considering charging consumers for the opportunity to converse with a customer service representative.

This is foolish for two reasons.

Firstly, they are punishing customers who prefer to receive individualized attention, which has always been offered. Additionally, they are doing this by increasing the cost for this once-standard service. It is uncertain how many customers will leave as a result, but I am aware of at least one.

Businesses must discontinue their non-obvious, yet equally harmful, foolish actions.

Let's consider the case of the new Wheaties boxes. General Mills recently released boxes of Wheaties featuring pictures of United States Olympic gold medalists, but one athlete was not included - Paul Hamm. The reason behind this exclusion is unknown.

Eliminate any idiotic actions in your business.
 Eliminate any idiotic actions in your business.

General Mills replied to my inquiry with this statement:

Choosing a Wheaties Champion has always been a difficult job, particularly since we have seen numerous exceptional performances by many championship athletes. However, it is impossible to acknowledge every champion on the Wheaties box.

Are they omitting the initial American male to achieve victory in the overall gymnastics championship at the Olympics, which is regarded as one of the sport's most remarkable comebacks? His recovery from a terrible fall to an almost perfect routine on the high bar received widespread acclaim and, for most of us, exemplified what it means to be a "champion."

However, there was a dispute over this matter. A gymnast from South Korea alleged that a mistake in scoring caused him to miss out on the gold medal and lodged a complaint with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The court has now made a decision that Hamm is entitled to retain the gold medal.

Although there was a disagreement about the medal, it was not related to Hamm's actions. Despite this, General Mills chose to proceed with caution. But excluding Hamm from Wheaties alienates millions of customers who view him as a hero, rather than a controversial figure, resulting in the loss of customers. This decision appears to be foolish.

Begin to halt your actions! Cease from using the word "No" and start implementing the term "Yes." Refrain from making fees for services that are believed to be complimentary.

Identify what irritates, demotivates, bothers or perplexes your clientele and puts an end to it.


We inhabit a rapidly changing global environment where shift is a constant. With competitors emerging from all corners of the globe, a significant number of American enterprises are currently facing difficulties.

,Eliminate 'Stop the Stupid Stuff' In Your Business