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Recommendations for effectively giving a compelling public speech.


 Recommendations for effectively giving a compelling public speech.

Most individuals dislike and even fear public speaking. There were instances in my life when I had to give a speech, so I had to learn the most effective way of presenting. In this piece, I discuss what I discovered after studying several books on public speaking, which assisted me in delivering my speeches successfully.

Recommendations for effectively giving a compelling public speech.
 Recommendations for effectively giving a compelling public speech.

A lot of individuals become anxious prior to or while giving a presentation or speech.

This may cause our breathing to be affected negatively and result in shortness of breath. It is advisable to take frequent breaths while speaking if you are nervous. I suggest taking a breath every six to eight words. Anxiety can cause our muscles to tense up and create tightness in the chest area. To alleviate this, taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself down before beginning your speech is a good idea.

To begin your speech, it's important to have a point of focus in the room that can serve as a source of inspiration. This could be a picture on the wall or a window. In case you lose your concentration or forget what you were going to say, having a focal point in the room can help you regain your footing.

To avoid being distracted, I avoid making direct eye contact with the audience when speaking publicly. It's important to convey confidence, and avoiding eye contact can give the impression of nervousness. Instead, I focus on a spot on the audience's forehead to maintain the appearance of eye contact without getting thrown off track.

Recommendations for effectively giving a compelling public speech.
 Recommendations for effectively giving a compelling public speech.

While I do prepare for my speeches, I avoid memorizing them verbatim. Instead, I jot down essential points or topics and keep them in my pocket for reference. This helps me remember my intended speech and also enables me to improvise if needed. Additionally, this approach aims to prevent my speech from sounding monotonous and mechanical if I had memorized it meticulously.

I typically begin my public speeches with a brief joke to loosen up the audience.

I recall delivering a speech a couple of years ago, which happened to be my final day at work. My colleagues had pooled together funds to buy me some parting gifts, and I needed to express my gratitude. I had ample time to prepare for this speech, but it still caused me considerable anxiety.

I was required to deliver a speech for approximately ten minutes in front of nearly fifty people. I began my talk by expressing gratitude to those who have contributed to the collection and jokingly mentioning that I would confront those who haven't outside. Although the joke was not particularly amusing, a few people chuckled which helped to boost my confidence and ease my nerves.

I suggest to individuals to speak at a slower pace than their usual speed when presenting a speech to an audience. This technique has been of great benefit to me throughout my experience.

My aspiration for this article is that it assists you in delivering a speech of high caliber in public settings.


Many people tend to avoid and fear public speaking. Personally, I have faced situations where I had to give a speech and had to educate myself on the most effective techniques. Through my research, I have gathered advice from numerous books on public speaking, which not only assisted me in delivering successful speeches but also inspired me to write this article.

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