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5 Ways to Liven Your Audience


 5 Ways to Liven Your Audience.

Have you ever been so bored by a speaker that you felt like falling asleep? You try to stay awake and fight off the urge to doze off. Have you also lost interest during a tedious presentation? Even though you look like you are attentive, your mind is preoccupied with the countless tasks that are awaiting you at home.

5 Ways to Liven Your Audience
 5 Ways to Liven Your Audience

It is a common experience that we all have encountered, although we may not want to acknowledge it. Nevertheless, it is imperative that we prevent it from happening when we are the ones speaking. To ensure that your audience is engaged and present, it is crucial to involve them in your presentation. Research has revealed that the more involved your audience is, the better they recall information, and this is due to their attentive listening.

There are various methods to engage your audience, and I have mentioned my top 5 below.

Choose the ones that suit your presentation and resonate with you personally. If a particular method makes you feel uneasy, it will be evident in your performance, hence avoid using it.

5 Ways to Liven Your Audience
 5 Ways to Liven Your Audience

1. Ask questions.

Asking questions to your audience can prompt them to strive for an answer, and this is due to how our brains are naturally wired. If you notice a decrease in the enthusiasm of the room, propose a query and request a reply from a member of the audience, making sure to thank them for their contribution before moving on to someone else.

There's no need to fret about losing command of your listeners, as Brian Tracy, a sales expert, states that those who pose questions are the ones in charge. Personally, I prefer utilizing closed-ended questions like "How many of you..." and then having the crowd respond by raising their hand. This form of inquiry encourages the audience to participate both mentally and physically.

5 Ways to Liven Your Audience
 5 Ways to Liven Your Audience

2. Finish your sentence.

For instance, if you were to address your audience with the phrase, "Lions, tigers, and bears..." without providing the full sentence, what do you reckon their response would be? Assuming they're acquainted with The Wizard of Oz film, they would most likely exclaim "Oh my!" in reaction. This tactic can be a fun and engaging approach to get your audience to participate in your presentation. If they know the answer, they will likely call it out without hesitation. However, if they don't, you can provide the answer instead. It's recommended to opt for something self-evident enough that the audience is guaranteed to know.

3. High-five.

This is a technique that I particularly like and if you have attended one of my lectures before, you have experienced it yourself. If you feel like the mood in the room is dull, you can alter it with this method. Just ask a query (remember how powerful asking can be). Ask, "Is this material good?" When your audience responds positively, say "Then turn to the people on your left and right, give them a high-five, and announce 'This is great stuff!'" Most people find it enjoyable. However, if someone in your audience opts out, it's ok. Some people simply don't want to enjoy themselves.

5 Ways to Liven Your Audience
 5 Ways to Liven Your Audience

4. Do exercises.

I acquired this technique from the well-known wealthy individual T. Harv Ecker during his "Train the Trainer" program. He suggests having the audience carry out the tasks themselves. This can be achieved by requesting them to form pairs or trios (with unfamiliar individuals) and assign them an activity that coincides with your presentation. Later, you can encourage them to openly discuss their outcomes with the rest of the group and express gratitude to them for their participation.

5. Give them candy.

If you give your audience a reward for participating, they will be motivated to participate even more. All you have to do is ask a question and when someone answers it, you can give them a small treat like a piece of candy. I have found that chocolate is the most effective choice. This can create a fun and competitive atmosphere where people will strive to win the chocolate. However, I only use this tactic for a short period of time during the middle of my speech.

It is possible to engage your audience using a variety of methods and strategies. As a speaker, it is crucial to brainstorm several appropriate ideas that suit both your audience and your style of speaking. Rest assured, your audience will appreciate your efforts.


Have you ever tried to stay awake during a tedious speech and found yourself struggling to resist the temptation of a good nap? Or have you found your thoughts wandering during a monotonous presentation, while appearing to be attentive? It's safe to say that most of us have experienced this more often than we'd care to admit. But as a speaker, it's important to prevent this from happening to your audience.

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