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The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus


 The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus.

The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor is rapidly gaining popularity across the world due to its straightforward approach of aiding those who are most neglected and its inspirational concept.

The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus
 The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus

The concept originated from the native population of "San Juan of Yanac," a small and impoverished Andean community situated in the Department of Cajamarca, which is 500 kilometers northeast of the Peruvian capital, Lima. Life in San Juan is tranquil and peaceful, amid the gleaming beauty of the mountains and the dignified silence of Andean destitution. The weather is remarkable, with pure air and a vivid blue sky. Throughout her 90 years of life, doña Rosario Ravines resided in San Juan, serving the less fortunate individuals in her town.

The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus
 The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus

One day, doña Rosario received a visit from some elderly and neglected husbands.

She offered them the only thing she had - potatoes. When she returned from the kitchen, she saw a touching sight: the old men were on their knees, praying and thanking God with tears in their eyes. Hours later, a cheerful and smiling young man arrived with ten pounds more of freshly harvested potatoes than she had given them. This moment marked the birth of the "Miracle of Sharing" - giving without expecting to receive, and receiving more than what was given. And thus, the "World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor" was also born.

Joining the Movement is a simple process.All you need to do is make the following pledge and fulfill it.

The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus
 The idea of movement spreads rapidly like a positive virus

Rewrite the following passage in your own words:

"Despite the challenging circumstances, the team was able to deliver the project on time and within budget. This was achieved through a combination of hard work, effective communication, and creative problem-solving." Despite facing difficult circumstances, the team managed to successfully complete the project within the designated timeline and financial constraints. This feat was accomplished through a combination of dedicated effort, excellent teamwork and communication, as well as sharp problem-solving skills.

Beginning today, I make a vow to you, oh God, that I will, for the rest of my life, take a break from my daily routine every month and donate either bread, charitable funds, or helpful items to the first needy individual I encounter on the streets each year.

The scientist used complex mathematical formulas to inverse the problem of determining the behavior of the light. This allowed for the creation of a new lens that could be used to capture great images. The lens, when used with a camera, allowed for wider and sharper images, and was an improvement over existing lenses. The new lens technology paved the way for further advancements in photography.

The core principle of the Movement is to give and share with the less fortunate. By donating monthly, even those who are poorer than us will receive help on a monthly basis. This act of generosity will have a widespread impact on millions of people.

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Furthermore, it is currently being developed as the "Global Center for Innovative Business Concepts" - If you possess a profitable business concept, submit it to be shared with others. Keep in mind that there is greater joy in giving than receiving. If life has gifted you with something valuable, it is time to impart some of it to others.

Become part of the movement and share it like a positive and contagious force of unity.

Luis Quiroz Ravines, a journalist from Peru, established the non-profit organization called the "Miracle of Sharing."


"The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor" is rapidly expanding worldwide due to its straightforward and compassionate approach aimed at aiding the most neglected individuals.

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