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3 Myths That Ruin Meetings


.3 Myths That Ruin Meetings

The false beliefs have resulted in significant financial losses for businesses due to the misuse of payroll funds.

3 Myths That Ruin Meetings
 3 Myths That Ruin Meetings

Myth #1) Structure spoils spontaneity.

I had once participated in a disaster that lasted for two days and incurred a cost of more than $40,000. Initially, thirty individuals spent an hour trying to find a problem to discuss, and then spent the ensuing 15 hours arguing over issues that could not be resolved. When I questioned the organizer of the meeting about the agenda, they responded by saying that they did not wish to impose a structure and ruin the natural flow of the conversation.

In actuality, if being impulsive was a truly effective strategy in the business world, we would construct buildings without any preconceived plans or designs. However, it is widely accepted that successful business leaders always work with a well thought-out plan.

The Solution: Establish an objective and create a plan. It would be optimal for the plan to be explicit, comprehensive, and detailed enough that another person could utilize it to oversee and achieve the desired outcome of the gathering.

3 Myths That Ruin Meetings
 3 Myths That Ruin Meetings

False belief #2:

As the host of the meeting, I must be the only one speaking.

In certain instances, meetings are conducted in a manner reminiscent of medieval times. The chairperson is seated in a position of high authority, while everyone else listens in utter silence. The primary speaker of the group rationalizes this approach by assuming that if any other attendees had valuable insights or knowledge, they would serve as the meeting's moderator.

In simpler terms, if you find yourself doing all the talking, you should know that you're overexerting yourself. Moreover, it's important to understand that people generally distance themselves from prolonged one-sided conversations by diverting their attention to something else. This means that nobody is actively listening to you as they're preoccupied with their own thoughts, musings, or distractions.

3 Myths That Ruin Meetings
 3 Myths That Ruin Meetings

Solution: Share extensive information through a memo or electronic message. Subsequently, organize a gathering with activities initiated by participants to evaluate or strengthen their understanding.

Myth #3:

Meetings are free.

Generally, soft money funds most meetings. This means that the money allocated for this purpose has already been utilized for salaries. Moreover, there's no need for purchase approvals or budget sanctions; a simple meeting request suffices.

In actuality, meetings come at a high cost. They consume valuable time and make up a significant portion of a company's expenses in terms of paying salaries. Poorly executed meetings are a tremendous waste as they take away from the most valuable resource of any business - the time and effort that employees put in to generate profits.

Solution: Plan meetings to generate revenue as they are a workplace function, not a recreational event.

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Each year, these falsehoods result in the squandering of billions of dollars designated for employee salaries.

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