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7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.


 7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.

Learn from the success of an expert who gained attention on Paula Zahn Now on CNN and apply their methods to make a name for yourself as well.

Dr. Robert Kotler's publicist, who works in New York, contacted the Paula Zahn Now show on CNN to arrange for Dr. Kotler to appear on the program. The events that followed are described below.

Collaborate with the producer to chart the division.

7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.
 7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.

Someone directed me to a person who is responsible for scheduling guests on a program. After a brief assessment, that person introduced me to someone who assists the main producer. Through various phone discussions, we were able to establish the topic for a 3-4 minute interview.

If you successfully pass the initial audition with a booker, you will then be passed on to an associate or less experienced producer. Following this first audition, you may have to go through additional screenings by more senior producers. If you are ultimately selected, you will work with them to create a segment.

Assist the creator in molding the segment.

My recently published book, SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON, was the centerpiece of the segment. With the associate producer, we talked about the serious issues discussed in the book, like the importance of selecting a well-trained surgeon, ensuring the surgical facility is properly accredited, and having an anesthesia specialist present for safety and comfort during the procedure. These were the most valuable takeaways for the audience.

Robert carefully selects topics that are relevant to Zahn's audience and adapts his ideas to fit in with her show. You have the opportunity to propose ideas that would be perfect for a segment. Pay attention to the producer's suggestions and feel free to offer alternatives, but do so in a respectful way. A knowledgeable and proactive guest is highly valued. Keep in mind that the producer may be attached to their own ideas, so make sure to suggest alternatives in a tactful manner.

7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.
 7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.

3. Expect the Unexpected

During the broadcast, the segment was different from what was originally suggested. Paula Zahn, who was delightful and intelligent both on and off camera, was a great host. However, the questions mainly focused on what cosmetic procedures various celebrities have had. They even displayed pictures of some celebrities that the speaker had not seen before and asked for their comments. Despite feeling comfortable, this specific topic was not what was expected.

It is important to always anticipate the unexpected, as this is a common strategy used by television shows. In Robert's case, the producers might not have persuaded him to participate if they had revealed their true intentions beforehand. Their approach was to imply that they would concentrate on the topics that Robert deemed significant. However, the show may have initially intended to discuss what was originally agreed upon, but they may have changed their plans abruptly. Alternatively, time constraints or a lack of importance may have prevented them from informing their guest about the alterations made to the program.

7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.
 7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.

Talk show hosts possess professional skills in making their guests feel at ease.

Their main objective is to assist in making you an excellent guest by encouraging a relaxed and credible demeanor as nervous behavior often negatively affects audience reception. Utilizing various techniques, a common approach is to make you feel comfortable while baiting an unexpected question for a genuine response, often contributing uniquely to an outstanding television interview. To prepare, remain natural in your responses while aligning them to your presentation goals.

Get ready with your responses and create a connection to them.

Although I have received proper training on handling guests and how to steer the conversation in another direction, I chose to follow Paula's line of questioning. I could tell that this interview was going to be more casual and entertaining rather than hard-hitting news. While I didn't find it distasteful or unpleasant, it seemed like a waste of time as the audience deserves more substantial information instead of hearing about the same old topics such as Joan Rivers' eyebrows or Michael Jackson's nose.

Although I wasn't anticipating a thorough evaluation of the book, I believed that it would have been helpful for the audience to learn about strategies for preventing unsatisfactory outcomes in surgery, which are commonly encountered.

I would have asked the audience how regular people can steer clear of bad cosmetic surgery if supposedly intelligent and wealthy individuals are prone to it. However, the discussion was not very informative, more like a fluff piece. I felt it was a missed opportunity, but then I remembered that Cable NEWS (italics mine) Network is primarily for entertainment. Since it's show business, it's important to keep that in mind. Thus, I embraced the experience and had fun with it.

The program aimed to feature a scandalous aspect by featuring a renowned sex symbol.

However, Robert could have smoothly transitioned to the critical matter by introducing a term like "errors can occur to anyone, including famous people like Michael Jackson. In order to avoid such oversights, you must..." and thereafter emphasized the essential aspects that he wanted to present, including the significance of a skilled anesthesiologist.

Follow the example of the host and present your own ideas.

I could have changed the course of the conversation and said what I wanted, but I had to consider if it was worth the risk of upsetting the program and not being invited back. In the end, I decided it was better to just go along with the conversation and be happy that my book was being promoted, even if it was just briefly shown on screen.

Reworded: It is possible to make both the host and yourself content by including a combination of what the host wishes to hear and what you want to say. By smoothly transitioning between responding to the host's question and your own opinion, you can achieve satisfaction for all parties involved.

Allow the host and the show to advertise and endorse your product.

An unexpected benefit of being featured on the show was that my name was repeatedly mentioned throughout the day, which was great promotion for the interview segment. I viewed each announcement as a valuable form of advertising at no cost. It made me happy.

7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.
 7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest 2023.

In summary, appearing as a guest on a nationally televised interview is valuable for any author or public figure, regardless of whether they are alive or dead, and no matter how good or bad the interview may be. It is also a fun and unforgettable experience for those not involved in the media industry. The producers were satisfied with the segment, and ultimately, it is their show.

It is common for guests to try to promote themselves or their products excessively during their time on air. However, if you do this, you will not be asked back. It is important to find out beforehand how your product will be presented on the show and leave the promoting to the host. Your role is to provide valuable information that inspires the audience to take action, whether it is related to your product, service, or cause.

Prior to the show, make sure to request that your website and 800 number are featured on the screen, also known as a chyron. However, keep in mind that some shows may have rules against doing this. Additionally, ask about the placement of your product during the show. It's always a good idea to bring your product with you in case the one you sent was lost so that it can get the publicity you desire. To really stand out, try creating entertaining and clever interactive scenes that involve your product, which will make you an instant hero.

Take pleasure in the acknowledgement and suggest a fresh division.

In the end, the most significant aspect was that my parents, who are 87 years old, believed that I appeared great on TV. They were fond of my choice of suit and tie. Consequently, everyone was content.

It is important to impress your parents by appearing on national television shows as it enhances your credibility with them, your competitors, clients, and other national shows. You can further increase your visibility by suggesting a unique angle on the topic covered in other talk shows and proposing a new segment while you are still in the studio. It is wise to seize the moment and secure a date for the next segment while everyone is still pleased with your performance.


Learn how to make a big impact like an expert did on Paula Zahn Now show on CNN. Discover the steps you can take to achieve the same level of success.

Dr. Robert Kotler's publicist, who is based in New York, contacted the Paula Zahn Now show on CNN to arrange for Dr. Kotler to appear. The story continues from there.

Create a plan for the section together with the manufacturer.

Someone directed me to a person responsible for booking and organizing events. They swiftly evaluated me and connected me to an assistant producer. Through several telephone discussions, we collaborated to determine the topic for the project.

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