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2 Step Marketing


 2 Step Marketing

Do it Right.

I frequently receive postcards and recently, I got one that was promoting a photocopier, covered with minuscule text on both sides of the card.


2 Step Marketing
 2 Step Marketing

The text was so difficult to comprehend that I discarded it.

After a few days, I got a postcard that had 32 words written on it. The message stated that I could learn all about unrestricted long distance phone service by calling the 800 number on the card. I could avail this service at a rate of 5.5 cents per minute and without any extra monthly charges.

I made a telephone call, obtained the required details, received responses to my queries, and altered my long-distance service subscription.

The long distance service provider that approached me used a tried and true method of selling that involves two steps.

Firstly, create an initial contact by prompting me to dial their 800 telephone number.

The second step involves giving the required information, which I received over the phone from a sales representative. They were able to address my concerns and assure me that I could make significant savings on my long-distance bill while maintaining high-quality service.

2 Step Marketing
 2 Step Marketing

Why are these two steps beneficial?

Generating curiosity or attracting potential buyers (leads) is a simpler task compared to guiding and convincing them through an entire purchasing journey (making a sale).

At this point, you haven't convinced the potential or current customer to make any monetary transactions.


You can utilize postcards in a cost-effective way to advertise to your intended audience and clients, which can result in receiving inquiries (interested in your products and services) that can then be pursued and turned into actual sales.

The process that involves two steps additionally enables you to compile a roster of individuals who displayed an inclination towards your offerings and reached out to you.

Afterwards, you have the opportunity to follow up with those who did not make a purchase upon initial inquiry, and continue to reach out until they eventually make a purchase from you.


It is crucial to ensure that you have obtained the necessary details to be able to reach out to the individuals who replied to your postcard advertisement.

Consistently reaching out to those who have contacted you will lead to an increase in sales. Set a standard for your company to follow up with individuals who have shown interest in your products and services.

2 Step Marketing
 2 Step Marketing

The Most Effective Use of Postcards:

The goal of the message on your postcard is to spark enough curiosity in the reader's mind to prompt them to reach out to you and inquire about your offer.

The objective of the 2 step marketing process is to create curiosity among potential clients and customers without asking for their money immediately. The goal is to attract interested prospects who may reach out to you for further details.

In order for your message to have the greatest impact, it must consist of three key components.

A concise and definite declaration of the most significant advantage provided by your offering, such as in the case of long-distance services, the benefit being reduction in expenses.

There is a compelling justification for them to get in touch with you immediately.

Providing a straightforward and uncomplicated method of response, such as offering an 800 number for their convenience.

It is advisable to keep your message brief and concise. Short messages written on postcards tend to generate more interest and potential customers than lengthy ones.

For example:

To receive our complimentary report on the secrets of utilizing postcards to greatly increase profits, dial 800-555-1212 and request it. This offer will expire on 5-5-01, so make sure to print a date three weeks following the mailing date to generate a sense of urgency. Many individuals will be intrigued and respond to learn what they may not be aware of. Remember, their response indicates at least a modicum of interest in the knowledge you have piqued their curiosity about.

If you send this method to the right audience, it will undoubtedly yield a high volume of inquiries.

This 2 Step Marketing Process Works.

Utilize the advice presented in this article to craft the message for your upcoming postcard and observe the results.

You will obtain numerous potential customers who have a genuine interest in buying your products and utilizing your services.


Marketing is as simple as 1,2…

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