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Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023


.2023 Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader

Abraham Lincoln may be recognized as one of the most exceptional presidents in American history, but his early life did not indicate his future success. He encountered several setbacks, such as failing in business and losing various political elections and appointments.

Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023
 Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023

Despite these eight significant failures, Lincoln went on to become the President of the United States. It is remarkable to consider how many people would have persevered in such a challenging situation as Lincoln did.

Several of the issues we consider significant now appear insignificant when compared to the events of the late 1850s and mid-1860s. During his tenure, Lincoln faced the challenge of handling the secession of eleven southern states from the Union, which then formed the Confederate States of America.

The United States of America may believe that our nation is currently experiencing separation and segregation. However, there was a gigantic separation during the time of the Civil War. Citizens from both the Northern and Southern regions lost their lives in the conflict.

Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023
 Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023

As the President of the United States, Lincoln had several significant obstacles to overcome.

President Lincoln served during the four-year duration of the American Civil War.

Around five weeks after Lincoln's inauguration as the 16th President of the United States, the American Civil War commenced.

Lincoln was in office during a time of extreme turmoil in the country.

There can be a split in families, where certain members may not communicate for a considerable period. However, how does this predicament measure up to the turmoil experienced in the Civil War? Several families were separated to an extent that a single family may have had a son fighting for the South and another at the front line for the North.

Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023
 Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023

The highest number of American casualties occurred while Lincoln was serving as the President.

Between 600,000 and 700,000 individuals from America died during the Civil War. The number of casualties during the American Civil War surpasses the losses that the United States has suffered in any of its other wars starting from the American Revolution and spanning to the present time.

Do we realize the magnitude of the responsibility that was entrusted to Lincoln?

Lincoln was burdened with a huge responsibility as his presidency saw the highest number of American casualties. The number of American deaths during Lincoln's presidency was higher than the combined deaths of all other American presidents during wars.

3. Lincoln suffered from Depression

During the 1800s, Lincoln did not have the option to use antidepressants like Prozac as prescription drugs or buy St. John's Wort without a prescription from a pharmacy.

Lincoln did not have the advantage of utilizing modern medical treatments as his priority was to handle a nation torn apart by war. Though, your own problems may appear just as insurmountable as Lincoln's challenges since you are the one going through them. Everybody experiences both shared and individual issues. Consider how difficult it would be if you were in Lincoln's shoes, without access to contemporary treatments. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to have access to modern medicine today.

Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023
 Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader 2023

4. Lincoln was assassinated

The Union, also known as the North, emerged victorious over the Confederacy, or the South. On April 9th, 1865, the South surrendered to the North. Sadly, Lincoln was assassinated just five days after the Civil War concluded and he passed away the next morning as a result of the gunshot wound.

Do you believe that you are not getting the recognition you deserve for your efforts? Despite being a compassionate and admirable president who overcame depression, Lincoln was assassinated after bringing his country together, putting an end to slavery through the Emancipation Proclamation, and inspiring countless individuals.

Lincoln exhibited leadership skills several times and managed to keep America united, thereby retaining its name “The United States of America.” He was a great role model. During his second inaugural speech, Lincoln requested that no one harbored resentment, and he hoped to bring healing to the nation. It is regrettable that he never lived to witness the positive outcomes of his hard work. The nation owes Lincoln a significant appreciation for his actions.

Similar to Lincoln, all of us have conquered difficulties and attained success in our individual manner. Certain barriers that you overcame, such as learning to walk or talk, you may not recollect. However, there are obstructions that you overcame and probably recollect vividly, such as completing a task, accomplishing a win in a competition, graduating from school, or starting a profession. Each one of you has a possibility to achieve greatness just like Abe Lincoln. The responsibility lies with you to explore and discover the greatness within yourself.


Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be one of the most exceptional presidents in the history of the United States. But his past experiences did not indicate this extraordinary greatness. Despite his failure in business and loss in various political positions such as state legislature, Speaker of the House, nomination for Congress, land officer appointment, two times in the U.S. Senate, and nomination for Vice President, he did not give up. Eventually, he was elected as the President of the United States. Few of us possess the tenacity and fortitude displayed by Lincoln during these difficult times.

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