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Are You a Leader or a Slacker?


 Are You a Leader or a Slacker?

Do you profess to be a dominant figure in your industry or area of proficiency?

I have observed that a lot of individuals declare themselves as Leaders, but I perceive them as Slackers. Slackers are people who enjoy giving orders or guidance but do nothing to improve themselves or their business.

Are You a Leader or a Slacker?
 Are You a Leader or a Slacker?


Do you have someone in your network marketing organization who is constantly pushing you and others to buy more products or invest more money?

Do they use high-pressure tactics and make promises that seem too good to be true?

If so, don't fall for it. It's important to be cautious and make informed decisions about how you invest your time and money in your business. Remember, success in network marketing comes from building authentic relationships and providing value to others, not from manipulating them into buying more products or joining your team.

Are You a Leader or a Slacker?
 Are You a Leader or a Slacker?

Are you looking for guidance on how to identify a Mastermind Team?

Well, consider the following hints.

The leader expresses appreciation for the team's efforts and provides motivation to continue working hard.

A slacker tends to criticize others easily but is unresponsive when it comes to admiration or appreciation.

The leader sets a standard for themselves that is higher than the one they set for their team.

them accountable when they fall short. The slacker expects a lot from their team, yet fails to take responsibility when their team fails to meet those high expectations.

To adhere to that identical measure, the person must hold themselves to that expectation.

The leader sets an example and serves as a model for his or her team.

A slacker is someone who doesn't stand out and always stays in the background, avoiding any opportunities to lead.

The leader firmly believes in their business and guides new team members.

During the process of development (acquiring knowledge about the trade and overcoming difficulties)

A Slacker gets a person to join their team but then passes them on to someone else.

If one does not choose an option, they either ignore the options or disregard them completely (referred to as "sign and drop").

Which trait do you and your fellow team members exhibit the most?

Be truthful when evaluating yourself.

It's essential to understand that a leader is responsible for guiding and supporting others as they develop. If a leader lacks honesty and doesn't act, their negative attitude will spread to their team. A team imitates its leader and their behavior.

This is the final opportunity for me to inquire...Are you someone who leads or someone who lacks motivation?

Find Your Why & Fly,

John Dilemme


Are you someone who boasts about being a Leader in your profession or industry? From my observation, there are a lot of individuals who make such claims, yet I believe they are actually Slacker-types. A Slacker is someone who enjoys giving orders or guidance, but fails to take any action towards improving themselves or their business.

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