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4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints


 4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints

If you are able to impress a customer at the critical moment, they will share the experience with five others on average.

If you do not satisfy the customer's needs during the critical moment of interaction, it is highly probable that they will share their negative experience with 11 others regarding your firm.

4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints
 4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints

If you fail to meet your customers' expectations at a critical moment, but make a prompt effort to resolve issues, studies indicate that the customer may share their positive experience with up to 17 individuals.

Can you understand?

If you impress your customers, they will share their satisfaction with five others, but in case of a problem, if you resolve it promptly, they will spread the word to more than three times the number they would have told you if there was no issue in the first place.

To increase your profits quickly and effortlessly, it is advisable to provide your customer service staff with the necessary abilities to address any concerns or issues of customers in a manner that effectively restores their satisfaction. This will ultimately result in a positive attitude towards your business and increased customer loyalty.

4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints
 4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints

Continue reading to discover precisely the method to accomplish this.

It is important to address issues promptly in order to maintain customer loyalty. TARP, Inc. conducted a study and found that if a customer's complaint is resolved during their first interaction, 95% of them will remain loyal. However, if the problem is not solved immediately, that number drops to 70%.

Interestingly, the speed at which the issue is resolved has a greater impact on future loyalty than the resolution itself. Therefore, it is crucial to aim for first-contact resolution, and if that is not possible, the final resolution should take place within 5-10 business days to ensure customer loyalty is maintained and strengthened.

4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints
 4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints

To encourage loyalty after a service failure, offering customers coupons, product samples, or other free items can have a positive impact. In the past, when I experienced a significant delay, American Airlines gave me 7000 frequent flier miles, which was enough to make me want to use their service again. This idea is backed up by research from the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, which found that 58% of customers who received a token item after contacting customer service felt delighted, compared to only 40% of those who did not receive anything. The act of giving customers freebies after a service failure not only enhances customer perception of value but also helps maintain their loyalty.

The company should only let its most amiable, supportive, and tactful employees interact with customers. The demeanor and conduct of employees play a vital role in restoring customer satisfaction after an issue arises.

Clients reaching out to a company with a problem prefer to speak with someone who is respectful, competent, compassionate, and empathetic. Moreover, employees must possess expertise in communicating with tact, conveying solidarity, and presenting the company convincingly and effectively during periods of customer distress. The actions and attitudes of customer-facing professionals have a long-lasting impact on clients, be it a favorable or unfavorable one.

Encourage your staff to embody the qualities of "Gumby." If you recall, Gumby was the green, malleable figure portrayed by Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live. During my seminars, I instruct workers to adopt the "Gumby" mentality when dealing with clients.

This entails being adaptable, going out of your way to please customers, altering your plans if necessary, and even being willing to turn things on their head if required. The objective is to remain laser-focused on providing excellent customer service. Adopting a Gumby-like approach will ensure that customers are continually satisfied.


If you do not satisfy the customer during the decisive moment, they are highly probable to share their negative experience with your business to 11 other individuals.


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