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2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic


 2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

Dale Carnegie, in his famous and successful book named "How To Win Friends And Influence People", presents the second chapter called "The Big Secret of Dealing with People". The main principle of the secret lies in showing genuine and truthful appreciation towards others.

2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic
 2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

According to Carnegie, the sole method of motivating someone to undertake a task is by creating a desire within them to perform it. In order to stimulate clients to speak positively of your business and recommend you, you must offer them something that all people yearn for - genuine and heartfelt gratitude.

The Two Magic Words

Many people overlook or forget the importance of consistently, personally, and genuinely saying "thank you" when dealing with others, including customers. This is the big secret to successful relationship-building because it makes people feel valued and appreciated, which is what customers crave.

Expressing gratitude through the words "thank you" is a gesture of benevolence. However, it should not be uttered solely for the purpose of flattery. As aptly put by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the words that are spoken are a true reflection of a person's character.

2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic
 2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

"Thank You" Promotes Referrals

It can be unsettling when it comes to referrals as they are not definite. However, you cannot have control over them but you can surely have an impact on them.

To begin with, you need to offer your customers a beneficial product or service. (Assuming that you're already doing this.) However, you could potentially enhance your impact on their perception by maintaining your attentiveness even after you've provided the product or service.

Every client has their own degree of contentment with the goods and services you offer. Nevertheless, thanking all customers implies that they feel valued by you, leading to the possibility of maintaining a relationship with them and receiving recommendations.

"Thank You" as Direct Mail or E-mail

If you are new to using direct mail and are thinking about it, begin with a program of sending thank-you correspondences. If you have already used direct mail or email but have not sent any thank-you letters or emails, you should start doing so immediately.

Crafting a personalized and impactful letter or email thanking your customers, who already have an established relationship with you, is highly effective and certain to yield a favorable response.

2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic
 2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

In addition, receiving physical mail is a delightful experience. When the recipient sees the envelope, they assume it is something for them to read, sign, or even a bill – but then they are pleasantly surprised. They feel valued and significant, and it is you who is conveying this message to them.

It is advisable to express gratitude through a letter or email whenever the chance presents itself. However, it is not advisable to include it with invoices or any other document. Always ensure that it is sent separately.

Writing the Thank-You Letter or Email

Composing a thank-you letter or e-mail may appear uncomplicated, but it can be challenging. To write a successful thank-you letter or e-mail, consider these nine pointers:

Make it short. Only six lines (or less) should be enough.

It is vital to make your statement genuine. It is easy for it to come across as forced or uncomfortable, even if you have sincere intentions.

To begin, express gratitude. Addressing Ms. Johnson (or using her first name, if appropriate), conveys appreciation for...

Ensure that your tone is both professional and friendly, as you want to maintain a warm demeanor while communicating in a businesslike manner.

Strengthen a favorable aspect. Remind them of a positive attribute within the relationship.

If you require any assistance, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to offer my ongoing support.

Conclude your statement expressing gratitude by saying "thank you." Once more, I appreciate your...

Choose a suitable way to end your message.

Examples could be "Sincerely," or "Best regards."

Ensure that your expression of gratitude is genuine and not tainted by any hidden agenda, as any ulterior motive may undermine its sincerity. Simply offer your thanks without any other intentions.

Don't forget that expressing gratitude by saying "thank you" is essential for establishing enduring customer connections. When you routinely use these two powerful words, you can observe how your returning business and word-of-mouth referrals increase.

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In order to enhance customer connections, encourage recurring transactions and endorse referrals, make use of these two small words.

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