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9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents


 9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents

In my view, the technique of keeping a record of phone calls is one of the best ways to train call center agents and maintain high standards. Below is a 9-step blueprint for coaching phone calls of agents effectively.

9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents
 9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents

overall performance.

Instead, choose calls from different days and times to get a more accurate representation of their performance. Additionally, make sure to inform the employee that the calls are being recorded and the reason why. This will prevent any potential legal or ethical issues. typical performance. 

Before meeting with your employee, it is advisable to go through their calls and take note of their areas of expertise as well as areas that need improvement. This will help you identify 1-2 opportunities for performance enhancement.

Allow your employee to listen to one tape without interruption or feedback from you.


9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents
 9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents

Ask your employee to give feedback on the tape after playing it.

Most employees tend to be too hard on themselves and will undoubtedly find various areas that need improvement. They may also struggle to express their accomplishments.

understands the positive aspects of their work, so it's important to acknowledge those first. After that, provide specific feedback on what they need to work on, but don't overload them with too many criticisms.

Finish the conversation with positive feedback to reinforce their efforts and achievements.

This approach is called the "sandwich" method.The employee already mentioned various areas where improvements can be made, therefore, there is no need to repeat them. Instead, provide feedback on something that the employee did not mention previously and use it as a constructive point.

confidence. Encourage the employee to consistently work towards the identified improvements. To ensure better performance, ask the employee what steps they will be taking in the next five days to improve in the identified area.

Jot down the employee's response and then repeat it to them. The session should conclude by reinforcing the employee's strengths and offering a vote of confidence, as well as urging them to continue striving for improvement.Belief in her ability to enhance her skills in the specified domain.

To ensure accuracy, repeat steps 2-6 with multiple tapes if needed. This is important because an employee may deny their actions and claim it was a mistake. To counteract this, review additional tapes.

9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents
 9 Steps for Coaching Call Center Agents

Before the next coaching session with an agent, make sure to do a follow-up.

This involves checking in with your employee to remind them of their commitment. You can communicate with them either through email or a face-to-face conversation.


In the upcoming coaching session, talk about progress made since the previous session. Prior to listening to recorded phone conversations, inquire with your employee about their advancement towards achieving the objective set in the last session.

Observe any enhancement demonstrated in the phone calls reviewed during this session.

The call center agent coaching model consists of 9 steps that are easy to understand, appreciates the employees, and provides assistance for enhancing their performance.

By implementing the 9-step procedure, you will be able to establish unambiguous performance goals, provide consistent coaching, and concurrently inspire your staff.


Below is a method that has been tried and tested in coaching call center agents during phone calls. Despite being uncomplicated, it is extremely efficient when it comes to enhancing quality.

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