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New Job Blues 2023


. New Job Blues 2023

After successfully completing every step of the interview process, you were thrilled to learn that you had been chosen for the job you had always desired. You impressed the interviewers with your skills and expertise, and the company you were considering joining also impressed you with the benefits of working there.

New Job Blues 2023
New Job Blues 2023

They appeared keen to offer you the position, but then an unexpected turn of events occurred. It was an exciting sensation to share the news with your employer or friends that you had finally obtained employment after a long period of being without a job. Everything felt ideal and in order.

Once you have been on board for a while, perhaps for a few days, a week, or even a month, doubts start to creep in about whether you made the correct choice. The work that was once your dream job is now turning into an unpleasant ordeal. The responsibilities of the job may not match the expectations you had when you accepted it. The qualifications required may not fit your skillset or may be either too simple or too challenging. The organization as a whole may have shortcomings, or the person you report to may not offer the guidance and support you were expecting.

Feeling uncertain, you carefully consider the choices available to you.

Is it worth persevering through the difficulties? If yes, how much longer should you endure them? Alternatively, would it be more advantageous to quit? And if you do decide to quit, what will be your next step? There is no universally applicable solution to the predicament of whether to remain in or leave a job, as each person's circumstances are unique. In fact, nearly everyone has encountered this situation at some stage in their life. A challenging circumstance has emerged.

New Job Blues 2023
New Job Blues 2023

To assist you in making decisions and determining the most appropriate course of action for yourself, there are a few questions that you may find beneficial to contemplate:


In a new job, you might not feel the same sense of familiarity and belongingness that you had in your previous job. As a result, it is normal to feel uneasy and unsure as you adjust to the new work environment. It might appear that you are not making a valuable contribution initially. It could be beneficial to give yourself enough time to adjust and figure out if the position is a good fit for you.

If you discover that your boss isn't as helpful as you anticipated upon getting hired, can you still effectively collaborate with them? This is a crucial question to ponder before determining whether to remain in or abandon your job. While hiring managers may present themselves in a positive light during interviews, their demeanor towards employees can change once they become part of the company. If you can endure the shift in behavior and maintain a working relationship with your boss, it might be worthwhile to stay in the current position. However, if you consistently experience discomfort on Monday mornings or your stress levels increase whenever your coworker enters your workspace, it may be wise to contemplate resigning.

Think about whether you are able to deal with the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

New Job Blues 2023
New Job Blues 2023

The employees face a significant issue, and it is crucial to assess your capability of handling the difficult power clashes that occur in the workplace before accepting any job. If you believe that you cannot manage these office politics, it would be preferable to explore other alternatives. It is recommended to leave in advance if you start experiencing failure without any justification. However, if you possess the skills to foster relationships, collaborate with various strategies, and excel in managing your superiors, it might be worth considering remaining and working towards success despite the obstacles.

What knowledge and experience can you gain if you choose to stay in this position?

Despite the job not seeming like a perfect fit at first, it could provide an opportunity to learn new skills, encounter new technologies, and gain valuable expertise. Can this job be a stepping stone towards a more satisfying and successful career in the future? If staying in your current position can potentially help you advance in your career, and if you are able to handle any other difficulties, it might be wise to continue in that role.

Is it possible to reevaluate the duties involved in the position?

If the current tasks greatly deviate from your initial anticipations, it might be prudent to communicate with your supervisor about the possibility of modifying certain aspects of the job. Should the scope appear insufficient, could additional responsibilities be incorporated?

If you feel overloaded with work, would it be possible to request assistance?

If the work you are currently involved in feels like a step backwards or does not align with your initial agreement, it may be worth contemplating pursuing a different job opportunity.

It is crucial to make a thoughtful choice in deciding to quit your present job without securing another employment opportunity.

While it may be important to quit a job that is negatively affecting your health and personal life, it is crucial to carefully weigh the financial consequences before taking any impulsive actions. It is recommended to quit your current job in order to avoid potential regrets later on. Moreover, reflect on the progress you made in securing a job before starting your current one.

New Job Blues 2023
New Job Blues 2023

Can you efficiently continue that progress and minimize the duration of your unemployment?

Deciding whether to stay at a new job that is completely unbearable or to quit is a difficult decision to make. It is also a dilemma to determine how long one should persist in such a situation. Some people have chosen to leave after only two weeks without feeling any regret. On the other hand, some individuals have chosen to stay but later regretted staying for too long. However, there are also those who have decided to stay and have successfully managed the situation. Ultimately, it is up to you to make the decision that is best for your own circumstances. It is about choosing the most suitable solution for your situation.

If you provide truthful responses to the questions mentioned above, you will undoubtedly come to the correct conclusion. Pay attention to your emotions and how the job is impacting your well-being and self-worth. Understand that the more time you remain in this position, the more pressure there will be to include it on your resume. I am aware that staying and simultaneously searching for another job is a feasible option. It would be advantageous to evaluate your preferences regarding job, supervisor, team, and workplace culture to formulate meaningful interview questions for potential future opportunities.

This experience has been beneficial and has enabled you to gain knowledge and develop.

It is recommended to seek support from a reliable friend or colleague during this difficult time. Whether choosing to stay positive and keep going or making the decision to separate in order to prevent negative outcomes, trust your own judgment on what is best for you. Additionally, recognize that regardless of the outcome, this experience has taught valuable lessons that can contribute to personal growth. This presents a valuable opportunity for personal and professional development that will greatly benefit your future career.


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